Primal Integration Weekly Groups

Our Ongoing group offers weekly continuity and support in exploring deeper levels of experience and their impact on the day-to-day. The group format allows individuals to take a turn when ready. There is plenty of scope for how you use your 'go' - forms of expression are not limited to 'just talking’.

Booking: Email us via the Contact page or call us on 020 8341 7226 (M-F 9am-9pm). First timers require an introductory interview before booking.

The Weekly Group takes place at the Open Centre in London.

Weekly Ongoing Group on Thursdays 7-10pm

Jan- Aug 2021
Cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions:
7 Jan to 11 Feb - 6 wks £138 Cancelled

18 Feb to 25 Mar - 6 wks £138 Cancelled

22 Apr to 3 June - 7 wks £161 Cancelled

10 Jun to 15 July - 6 wks £138