Some Guidelines for Primal Integration Group Members

What we offer is an environment dedicated to encouraging a process of unfolding that is a potential within all of us. Some manifestation of this process is likely to be what would bring you to spend a weekend here doing this work rather than engaging in some kind of other activity. For example, there might have been some event that has made you more aware of deeper forces in play beneath the surface level of life or a feeling that there 'must be more to life than this'. The weekend group is a way to give some 'quality time' to deeper levels of yourself.

What we have found to be conducive to the above is the configuration of a firm boundary and a fluid interior that typifies a Primal Integration weekend group. The boundary is a container that has to be worthy of holding something. It must be strong enough and rigid enough to maximise the creativity of this process of emergence of self. It is formed in part by the ground rules and agreements which are a condition of attendance. It is reflected symbolically when we sit in a circle in go-rounds, listening to each other's contributions. Within that container there is little in the way of structure applied from the outside such as instruction, expectation or exercises but there is a lot of freedom to do it your way, or to find out what your way is.
Major ingredients in the mix boil down to permission, attention, and time
Juliana Brown & Richard Mowbray