Further reading and commentary

Unfortunately, William Swartley did not publish much about "Primal Integration". Swartley (1975) is the clearest written statement about the work as far as he developed it.
Lake (1980) gives the fullest statement of Frank Lake's views on pre- and peri-natal stress, 'umbilical affect' and the 'Maternal Foetal Distress Syndrome'. Difficult to read for some as much of it is in chart form - a favourite mode for Lake, deriving from his pre-psychiatric career as a parasitologist in India (Life cycle of the Liver Fluke etc.) - but worth the effort. Some of this material will become available in a more digestible form in Roger Moss's forthcoming book on Frank's work: In the Beginning. Lake (1981, 1986) contain less detailed (and less graphic) statements of his views and can be used as an introduction.
Mott (1948) is: 'an analysis of the configurational involvement of birth and its relation to emergence generally' and perhaps the best introduction to weird and wonderful world of Francis Mott.
Stanislav Grof's original statement of his cartography of 'inner space' and the "Basic Perinatal Matrices" is presented in Grof (1975).
Donald Lee Williams's psychological commentary on Carlos Castaneda's 'Path of Knowledge' (Williams 1981), gives as true a 'feel' for the sort of journey involved in Primal Integration as anything else in writing we've come across.


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© Juliana Brown & Richard Mowbray 1994