Primal Integration

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Primal Integration involves an exploration of our deeper levels of experience with a view to being more alive and living more authentically. This process fosters ‘growth forces’ which can help splits in our being to heal and blocks to our ‘doing’ to resolve.
Traumatic and other experiences in early life may interrupt the wholeness of our development. Such experiences may have occurred during childhood, birth or before. Integrating these experiences into consciousness - acknowledging them as memories - reduces the confusion between what was then and what is now and releases more of our energy and qualities for life in the present. Primal Integration is concerned with both the recovery of the self one has apparently ‘lost’ and the discovery of the self one has yet to become.
In our groups and individual sessions we endeavour to create an environment conducive to this process of connection, expression and integration. We facilitate the work in a variety of ways, including ‘Primal Bodywork’, and work with feelings, dreams, fantasies, thoughts, and words. Self-direction and self-responsibility are particularly emphasised.
Our comprehensive programme of Primal Integration - regular open monthly weekend groups, weekly ongoing groups, residential group intensives and individual sessions - has been running continuously at the Open Centre in London and elsewhere in England since 1979.
For us, primal means first in time, early, but also first in importance, that which is central, core, deep.
Juliana Brown & Richard Mowbray